• Order Form for Standard and Custom Size Candles:

    100% Beeswax Candles. Made by the Monks of Holy Trinity Monastery.
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  • Number of Boxes
    JC1B (7"x3/8") – 12 lbs ($159)
    JC2A (9"x1/4") – 9 lbs ($121)
    JC3B (11"x3/8") – 12 lbs ($159)
    JC3E (11"x3/4") – 12 lbs ($159)
    JC4D (15"x3/4") – 18 lbs ($234)
    JC5D (18"x3/4") – 22 lbs ($281)
    Bishops candles (21"x5/8")– ($214)
    12 sets of 5 (60 candles)
  • Custom Candle Codes

    JC1A (7"x1/4"), JC1C (7"x1/2"), JC1D (7"x5/8"), JC1E (7"x3/4") - 13lbs/box

    JC2B (9"x3/8"), JC2C (9"x1/2") - 10lbs/box

    JC3A (11"x1/4"), JC3C (11"x1/2"), JC3D (11"x5/8") - 13lbs/box

    JC4A (15"x3/8"), JC4B (15"x1/2"), JC4C (15"x5/8") - 18lbs/box

    JC5A (18"x3/8"), JC5B (18"x1/2"), JC5C (18"x5/8") - 22lbs/box

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    Shipping and handling is included in the price of the standard size boxes.

    For Custom Size Candles shipping will be calculated based on location.


    We will accept candle stubs only from the candles we have sold to churches, and give a credit of $0.80 per pound. Please do not mix with any other candles. Also, we cannot accept candle stubs from churches that put their candles in sand.

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